About Us

The charity which was established in 2002 currently supports Summer Schools in four locations and evening events on two nights of the week and a third night at certain times of the year. Fuller details of our activities are on our Initiatives page.

Our objective is to maintain our existing offering and to explore possible extensions both geographically within Nottingham and Nottinghamshire and also in terms of what we do. Our objective in everything is that what we do should be sustainable.

We were well supported by the local authorities in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire but need to to raise significant funds from the general public each year.

Our success can be measured by the fact that when we started we supported one week at Oak Field and nothing else! The programmes we support are refined as a result of ongoing feedback from our children, young adults, carers and parents.

As many children enjoy the Summer Schools we are increasingly focused on what we can do for those individuals as they transfer from school to “grown up” life. This can be a very difficult transition both financially and socially and we are exploring what can be done to help that group socially

We run a tight ship. Historically the only payments we made, other than for insurance were to those individuals who actually operate our summer schools and other activities. It was only those on the front line who received any remuneration. All the trustees and administrators provided the time and energy for nothing. Unfortunately with increased reporting requirements becoming a condition of our funding by local authorities our providers are going to have to pay for limited administrative support which we will aim to fund. Nonetheless we will look to minimise these costs.