David Stewart – Chairman

David has been a trustee of Fundays since 2002. He is a recently retired head teacher in Nottingham, where he worked for the last forty years. He has particular interest in activities for adults with learning disabilities.

Roger Summerton

Roger, former Chairman of FunDays is a semi – retired chartered accountant. He spent over twenty years with a Big Four accounting firm, the final 4 years as senior partner in the Nottingham Office. He has been involved with FunDays for 12 years with 8 years as Chairman. He is committed to working with all individuals and organisations who wish to improve the lives of those with physical disabilities, severe and profound learning disabilities and those with complex health and medical needs.

David Wild

David is a semi-retired solicitor. He was a partner in a large international law firm for over 25 years, the last five of which he was senior partner of the Nottingham office. He has been a trustee of FunDays since 2015 and has a keen interest in education at all levels. He is Chairman of Governors of a large independent school, and a trustee of a number of charities.

Sandra Warzynski

Sandra has been involved in running businesses for several years. She also opened a business consultancy to help others to start and grow their own businesses which she did until her retirement some 6 years ago. She is still involved in her family business which is run from Watnall in Nottinghamshire. Sandra has been involved with local charities for some 40 years – concentrating on the wellbeing and support for elderly local residents and MS sufferers until she became a grandmother and wanted to get closer to a local charity supporting children – hence her trusteeship of FunDays which has been so very rewarding.

Ed Attenborough

Ed is the MD of Attenborough Dental & Medical, a family owned business formed over 100 years ago, and is President of ADDE (Association of Dental Dealers Europe). Ed lives in Nottingham with his family and has life long experience supporting those with disability.

Neil Box

Neil is the Development and IT Director for a leading Nottingham technology business with 25 years IT experience. Neil’s been involved with FunDays since 2017, with the primary remit of transforming the FunDays website with modernisation, additional functionality and information, to make it more informative and engaging for all.

Jane Cooper

Jane taught in special education from 1981. Recently retired as headteacher of a Nottinghamshire special school, Jane is currently serving as a Governor of another special school. Whilst a headteacher, the school was a recipient of many FunDays grants to support their summer schools and could see the benefits this had for pupils and their families. Young people were able to maintain skills, routines and friendships which were so important to their wellbeing. Jane recently joined the board of trustees of FunDays to help continue this work, so that more children and young people with learning difficulties across Nottinghamshire would be able to benefit from the support of FunDays.